I Sense You


I sense you
the crack in the grass
the lavender on the breeze
the dew falling from the sky

I recognise you
the reflection in the puddle
the lyric within the prose
the beat within the humdrums

I feel you
the feather fledged for new growth
the raindrop springing new streams
the death becoming a new life

I need you
the change hidden in tempests
the light drowned in the shadows
the emotion encased within concrete

I sense you
the altering of tides to neap
the melting of metal walls
the thawing of this heart

I need the sense I recognise I feel for you

July 2014




Touched by a falling leaf
That’s not ready yet to concede
Whispered to by a fog
That is teetering between clarity and the gloom
Enveloped in a breeze of chance
Ready to both bring change or stagnation on through
In fleeting comes change and apathy
With no reason to what blind path we should choose


Full Stops and Words


Words are merely full stops in a blank mind
Where once I had an idea now lies

Bitter rubble of half built prison walls contain
The optimism in the knowledge these barriers

A beautiful darkness pouring free from the light
Reminiscing in the shadows that scarring brings

Walking on sand of pulverised spiteful glass shards
Worn down by determination and damned footfall

words are only pauses in a vacated mind
Where once there was hope now only lies forged




I have been missing
Not lost
Not misplaced
Unsure and yet not displaced

I have been missing
From mind
From soul
Seen and not out of place

I have been missing
Not searching
Not seeking
Stood still but rushed for pace

I have been missing
In hiding
In shadows
Needing heat but not this space

I have been missing
Still not found
Still not lost
A piece fragmented in mid race

I have been missing
Pen without ink
Paper without words
Stuck in statis behind stoney face

I have been missing
Not missing
Not unmissed
Surely certain and not displaced


I Cried For You

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I was young I cried for you
The tortured little girl that no one knew
Now I’ve grown realisation makes me see
That battered, frightened child resides in me
How I struggled and fought every day
For innocence should never be made to pay
But when ash settles and smoke becomes air
The aftermath is in basalt that’s never fair

Now I’m old I weep only inside
As tears for a soul fractured must always hide
I still see that child with hope despite fear
And wonder how it was invisibly eroded by years
The fight continues without a victor or loss
An internalised war of belief and sore cost
Battle ground lay scared and burnt without a flame
A child crying without defined reason is still to blame

When I was younger I cried for you
That tortured girl that no one knew
Now I’m older I weep only unseen
As now I realise that child was always me


Rat – A Tat – Tat


Is this empty can you know?
When rust drips a plenty through skin and bone
Destiny entrenched in a prophecy fallen flat
Seeping and dripping still a rat-a tat- tat

Is this a waste land or treasure unknown?
What is the answer when acid tears through a home
Everything turned to nothing enchanted by doomed fate
Searing and fizzing on a buzz, buzz deflate

Is this undiscovered do you know?
When there are no footprints branded into stone
A path never twisting or leading to anywhere
Round and round the mountain tripped every teddy bear

Is this fulfilment that we cannot know?
Turned in a facet of rust and acid undertone
Destiny entrenched in a prophecy fallen flat
Seeping and a twisting how do you combat that?


The Fall


Balancing on a glass pane edge
This could be everything and nothing in a fall
Murky clear understanding of what the state is
Yet without reason there is no comprehension at all
To the left or to the right it doesn’t matter
Both descents lead to the floor in the end
The only difference is one has softer cushions
And the other has been visited often before

To dive or to step off is the question
And the answer is derision in it doesn’t care
Whether by single step or full thrust there’s no difference
As the outcome can’t be known or as a bet called
The only difference is if it’s tentative or without care
Does it matter which way you start the fall?
When in the end when it comes to a heartache
All that matters is if you meet cushions or the floor