About Me

‘Sometimes the only reason you are lost is because you so desperately want to be found.  The only reason you go astray is because you want that certain someone to come and take your hand and lead you back to the course you should be on. The only reason you don’t give up hope is because you somehow still believe in the purest essence of love however vague and distant it is to you and the only reason you keep breathing is you have to believe there is more to life than the strands of loss you cling  on to.’

My English teacher from secondary school told me to live an extraordinary life. I’m not so sure I have attained that, but somehow, sometimes and in some small way I feel my words have. I’m not professing to have charged personal opinion or the world, I’m not sure I would want that burden upon my spindly shoulders. I think if I have or can reach one person and strike a chord, make them think, make them emote; make them feel somehow understood and not alone. If I can do that just once, then maybe that truly is extraordinary.

All written work on this blog is mine, unless stated otherwise. I didn’t start this blog with the thought that it would be poetry based, somehow it has just become an explosion of it. Some of the work on this blog is personal, but mostly it’s just a reflection of what has inspired my mind at a particular time (and believe me that could be almost anything).

Thank you for stopping by and reading my work, it is very much appreciated.

Jade (JabS)


32 thoughts on “About Me

  1. thomag1

    Thanks again for the nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award. I enjoy all your posts and usually make me think hard and I like that. I think I did what I was suppose to in accepting the award. You can see it at http;//thomag2.wordpress.com


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