Stress – Just a Thought

‘Stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response.’

I’m a natural born stresser, it annoys and frustrates me in unequal measures, but it’s what I do. I’m often told not to stress so much, but the more I try to not, the more stressed I actually become.  \It’s a contradiction almost that the act of trying to destress causes an exponentially greater amount of tension. Sometimes I wonder if that’s because my body is so used to the state that it actually struggles to cope without it.

Stress appears to be such a modern day illness or affliction, it’s such a prominent part of our lives whether intended or not. I often reflect and wonder if we are all a little addicted to it? Not in a narcissistic or masochistic way, but in the sense that feeling stress reminds us that in an inhuman world, we are in fact human. We do feel, can feel, we need a release and an outlet that maybe otherwise we just wouldn’t find.

Stress is almost (I think) the acceptable face of worry, anger, turmoil and the sudden snap we all eventually have.

Stress; a catch many term that increasingly seems to rule, the new sovereign of the future world that we all walk towards with eager trepidation.

Good old friend stress.




One thought on “Stress – Just a Thought

  1. Last November, and for the first ever time, I took time off work because of stress. You are so absolutely spot-on about the seeming contradiction of the effort to de-stress creating more stress. I guess everyone is different, but I can tell you what works for me regarding stopping the vicious cycle. The first is that I give myself permission to feel stressed. This somehow stops the frustration and the struggle to stop the stress. The second is that I choose to be kind to myself to remove reasons for it building up. Some treats, relaxation, take my mind off what caused the stress in the first place, stuff like that. This usually breaks my vicious cycles.

    This is when it catches me unaware. There is another condition where I actually see the stress building up right at the beginning. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with a “fuck it” bucket, into which I throw that which wants to stress and confuse me. Works quite well but it takes time to build the discipline to catch and examine the thoughts that are causing the stress and determine what needs to be changed or thrown into the bucket. 😀


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