The Scar and the Knife

Needle and Thread

These are the scars and I am the knife
Injuries sell taught and lives undone
A lie to the world to damn the own soul
White wash these truths as they cannot be sold

These are the bruises and I am the harm
Circling outwards from a wound deep inside
The pain never seen when it’s hidden in veils
Dress up these eyesores with pictures of happy tales

These are the scratches and I am the claws
A nail left in the marking to fester and soil
An internal poison from a chalice of pretence
Is it better to live in shadows than to sit on this fence?

These are the bites and I am the fangs
A will for set blood let that cannot be told
This covering of flowers that die upon touch
Others turn a shamed cheek as the truth is too much

These are the wounds and I am the tear
Deep set and seeping this a mere sacrifice
The way to escape the horrors played out in the mind
Running away from heaven as this hell is just as kind

These are the scars and I am the knife
Set to unpick the stitches so the threads unwind
A shell of a being with a false life lived outside
This internal torture allowed to thrive when denied

Jabs 5/2/12

I was looking through my old work today, just out of curiosity. I find a lot of what I have written in dark and unhappy, but that doesn’t make me feel rueful, merely accepting and grateful for expression.


One thought on “The Scar and the Knife

  1. Yes, you are correct, regrets are pointless. We do what we must and can at any given time. Isn’t a regret a state of being judgmental towards ourselves? When I stopped judging myself, I also stopped regretting. And that unstuck me from the past. I still grieve, look at things done, recognise things that could be done better and learn the lessons, but as you say doing this with acceptance and gratitude lets me move forward. Thank you so much for the beautiful reminder.


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