Little Things

I’m still trying to write, trying. So today I thought I’d share something a little insightful about myself. Sharing about the self is the most difficult thing to do as it means laying yourself vulnerable to outside intrusion and judgement. 


Nature, or rather being out in nature, always makes me feel a little brighter inside. There is something about watching ducks gliding across a lake, sparrows squabbling on a bird feeder, and geese tending their young that just fills my being with a swarming of warmth and joy.

This isn’t a sudden found realisation born from searching for light in the cloudiness, I have always felt like this. Even when times are dreary and heaviness hangs in my chest like lead laden concrete, watching nature’s wonders always brings sunshine. 

I wish I could really explain it, or maybe actually it is better that I cannot. I do believe that somethings just are and don’t need to be analysed and dissected into tiny pieces. This is the one part of my psyche that I have never questioned, doubted or sought to find a reason as to why. 

So I am looking forward to spring, and the beginning of new journeys and especially watching last years chicks starting on with their own adult lives.

I am looking forward to the little things, and most importantly I am looking forward.





One thought on “Little Things

  1. I’m always grateful for the little things. Nature is beautiful, and I see her as an eternal goddess. Time is meaningless to her, everything in nature lives in the now, this perfect moment, one perfect moment after another. Your post came at a time when the messages of “live in the now” keep hitting me left and right at rates I am unable to ignore. It’s easy to forget, isn’t it? Forget, get stressed, I look ahead, I look back, and yet each “now” is what adds to the chain of the past and shapes the future. Sometimes I am so lost in what I think “should” happen, that I forget that what I think “could” happen (not “should”) is just one of the many eventualities and stressing over what I have no control over, is just a waste of energy. And thus, I forget to appreciate fully each moment, so thank you for that reminder.

    PS. No judging. Never judging.


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