I Saw A Life


I saw my life through a shattered window pane
The paths I had crossed
And the greed I had gained
The suffering told
Through a sigh and a stroll
Stirred in a pot of berated, sour scold

I watched my life through a dirtied glass
The roads I had trodden
And the lives I had passed
The joys muttered
In a softened cry of glee
Mixed in a cocktail of happiness tea

I spied my life though a cracked screen
The rivers I had wadded
And the chances I had freed
The bygones mourned
Through a weeping veil of deeds
Curdled in a vat with missed opportunity seeds

I eyed my life from a vast observatory
The mountains I had climbed
And the emotions from these stories
The transpired deeds held
In a huddled hive of honey bees
Cooked in the oven in the form of many me’s

I saw my life through an open window pane
The wonder and the damned
And the adventures set far from sea
The right and the wrongs
Through a unchartered clarity
For better or for worse these stories had to be



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