Broken Glass


When you live a life in broken glass
The wounds always re-open no matter how time does pass
Sunshine is blinding and the heat overwhelms
And when the cold comes it’s all bitter and the frost takes its time

When you lie down to sleep in broken glass
Dreams are tormented and torture is the only task
The starlight is damning a tease to something more
And if the moon shines it’s a mocking to the illusions that devour a core

When you dine on plates of broken glass
Nourishment comes at a price and happiness won’t last
Each cut a reminder as it swells in a tight gut
And if digestion could resolve this there’d still be an onslaught ever fast

When you drink from pools of broken glass
Thirst may be quenched but the taste is never sweet
A desert that’s not forthcoming within a flood of gold sand
And if the acridness could sate there’d still be fuel to rage these pyres

When you live a life in broken glass
Happy ever after will never come to settle or to last



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